Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blood donation 12-Dec-2009

Please be informed that Mega Hotel, Lions Club of Miri Host and RTM Miri is organizing a year-end Blood Donation Campaign. Details are as follow:

Date: Saturday, 12th December 2009
Time: 8:00am - 12:00nn
Venue: Mega Hotel's Imperial Ballroom, Level 4

Successful donors will receive tokens of appreciation and refreshment will be served.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Scholarship Opportunities

MARA Scholarship Programs
http://www.mara. division/ BPP/default. htm

Yayasan Proton Scholarship
http://www.malaysia -scholarship. com/yproton. html

PTPTN Education Loan

The Star Education Fund

Astro Scholarship Award
http://www.astro. astrolife/ scholarship/

PETRONAS Education Scholarship Programs
http://esu-spmtrial .petronas.

2007 MNRB Scholarship Fund

OCBC Bank Scholarship
http://www.ocbc. aboutOCBC/ Gco_Abt_Communit y.shtm

Bank Negara Scholarship

ABM 50th Merdeka Scholarship

Curtin Sarawak Scholarship

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus High Achievers Scholarships
http://www.nottingh students/ MISC/High% 20Achievers% 20Scholarship% 202006-July06. pdf

HELP University College ips/index. php

Adelaide Achiever Scholarships International (AASI)
http://www.internat ional.adelaide. scholarships/ ug/

Curtin University of Technology Scholarship
http://www.emaac. org/

Charles Darwin University Scholarship
http://www.malaysia -scholarship. com/www.cdu.. ng/scholarships_ ug_int_eng. htm

Kolej Disted-Stamford Degree Scholarships

Leeds University Scholarships
http://scholarships uk/

Loughborough University Human Science Scholarships

MAAC Scholarship - La Trobe University 2006 onal/courses/ ug.html

NUS / Asean Undergraduate Scholarship
http://www.nus. s/undergrad/ scholarship/ nus_asean. htm

UCL Pathfinder Scholarships

University of Sheffield Scholarship
http://www.shef. entry.html

UTAR Scholarships

Nanyang Technological University Scholarship
http://www.ntu. scholarships/ nanyang.htm

Tasmanian International Scholarships
http://www.internat ional.utas. /internationalAp plication. pdf

University of Malaya Fellowship Scheme

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Scholarship
http://www.unimas. my/

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST Discovery Scholarship)
http://apply. kaust/discovery/

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Scholarship

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Curtin Special January Intake Programme

Curtin Sarawak 2010 intake now in progress:

Special January Intake Programme gives SPM/STPM students a head start on their tertiary education

Details of the January Intake Programme and entry requirements for the Diploma, Foundation and Undergraduate programmes can be obtained

(1) By contacting Curtin Sarawak’s Marketing Department at +60 85 443939

(2) By e-mailing

Miri – 20 November 2009 -

(A) For Whom:

Curtin Sarawak has commenced enrollment for its January 2010 intake. Students who have completed their SPM and STPM need not wait until they get their results in the coming year to enroll in Curtin Sarawak.

They can take advantage of the university’s special January Intake Programme, a course of study which will prepare them for tertiary studies at Curtin Sarawak, as well as set them on the road to achieving Curtin’s graduate attributes, that is, to be knowledge users, creative and critical thinkers, research smart, effective communicators, technology savvy, life-long learners, international citizens, culturally sensitive and profession wise.

The Private Higher Educational Act 1996 (Act 555) requires private higher education institutes to teach Malaysian Studies, Islamic Studies for Muslim students and Moral Studies for non-Muslim students, and all Malaysian students are required to pass these compulsory subjects as a prerequisite to the award of a certificate, diploma or degree.

The Malaysian Studies and Islamic/Moral Studies modules are conducted 7 hours a week for a total of 14 hours a week, while the Essentially Curtin module is 10 hours per week.

(B) Duration & when:

The five-week January Intake Programme, which commences on 11 January and ends on 12 February 2010,

gives SPM and STPM students a head start on tertiary education at Curtin Sarawak should their SPM or STPM results prove adequate for entry into the university’s Undergraduate programme in February and Diploma and Foundation programmes in March 2010.

It will also give the students a taste of university life and a better understanding of the requirements of tertiary education.

(C) Fee:

The fee for the programme is a very affordable RM3,000, excluding textbook fees.

(D) Eligibility & Due Date:

To be eligible to enroll in the programme, a student must make an upfront payment of RM3,000 before 31 December 2009. The student must also fulfill the entry requirements for either the Diploma, Foundation or Degree programmes (based on their SPM or STPM forecasted results, or for UEC students, their actual results).

On one hand, if the student is eligible and decides to enter one of the programmes upon completion of the January Intake Programme, the RM3,000 fee will go towards his or her first semester tuition fees, which means the student undergoes the January Intake Programme absolutely free. On the other hand, if the student discontinues his or her studies at the end of the programme, the amount will be forfeited with no refund given.

However, a full refund will be given if a student’s SPM or STPM result does not meet Curtin Sarawak’s English or academic requirements, rendering him or her ineligible to enter a Diploma, Foundation or Degree programme.

(E) Accommodation:

Those requiring accommodation, can enjoy 50% off their rent for five weeks’ study at the Lakeside Apartments located on the campus, which feature well-appointed living spaces and are within walking distance from classrooms, the cafeteria, campus shops, computer laboratories, library and other campus facilities.

They are, however, required to pay a 2-month housing deposit prior to their stay, which is fully refundable if they discontinue their studies after the January Intake Programme, or conversely, if they enter the first semester intake, used as a deposit for their subsequent tenancy.

Utility charges are included in the rent to a maximum of RM50 per resident per month. Usage above the amount will be charged accordingly.

(F) Enrollment/ Orientation Dates:

The last date for enrollment in the programme is 15 January 2010

and orientation for enrolled students will be on 11 January 2010, which is also the census date (last date to withdraw application) for the programme.

Students who choose to withdraw before the census date will be refunded 90% of their RM3,000 fee. Meanwhile, no refunds will be given for withdrawals after the census date.

(G) Fee Payment Method:

Various fee payment and scholarship schemes such as the Fee Installment Payment (FIP), CSM Scholarship schemes, as well as the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Withdrawal Scheme for Education, are not applicable for the programme.

Furthermore, students enrolling for the programme are not eligible to Curtin Sarawak’s early bird rebate for early enrollment unless full payment on their first semester tuition fee is made on or before the early bird expiry dates, that is, 8 February 2010 for the Diploma and Foundation programmes, and 1 February 2010 for the Degree programmes.

(H) Where To Contact:

More details of the January Intake Programme and entry requirements for the Diploma, Foundation and Undergraduate programmes can be obtained by contacting Curtin Sarawak’s Marketing Department at +60 85 443939 or e-mailing

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lion Group foundation website for scholars

Extract from News Strait Time, 30/11/09:


PETALING JAYA: The Lion Group educational and charitable foundation yesterday launched its website at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall.

The website features a symbol of a rising sun spreading its rays, "symbolizing the giving of hope and extending assistance to the less fortunate".

The website,, is designed to give the foundation a more independent profile.

Previously, all information about the foundation and its activities was published on the Lion Group's main website.

As well as providing information about the foundation's core objectives, the student loans and scholarships available for higher learning are also featured.

At the launch, foundation chairman Puan Sri Chelsia Cheng said: "Students can access information on the foundation and our activities. The website is also linked to the Lion Group of companies and it highlights job vacancies."

She said the website would soon incorporate a database on the foundation's scholars, allowing them to network and act as role models for those still studying.

Tan Shi Win, 24, is one scholar who has benefited from the foundation. After receiving a bachelor's degree in accountancy from University Utara Malaysia, she was employed in the Lion Group as personal assistant to one of its senior managers.

"I have learned a lot through the foundation and from the training I received when I graduated from university. I'm enjoying myself and learning a lot from my work in the company."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Does It Take To Get A Job Nowadays?

Note: This is not a paid advertisement. You are fully responsible if you decided to respond to them. I did not validate the information below.

In 2006, a survey done in Malaysia revealed that there were 20,217 graduates who failed to find a job (The Sun). What on earth happened? After all, graduates would have undergone 3 - 4 years of studies and they would have graduated with their certificates. Employers should be fighting each other to hire them, right? Apparently, not so.

Very often, employers are heard lamenting that the graduates who come for the job interview are not ready or not prepared. Some even commented that many graduates don't even know what the employers really need. So, employers hire experience over qualification. But this is a catch-22 situation. If the graduates don't get a job now, how do they get the experience that employers seek?

But business is business. Employers won't just hire fresh graduates for the sake of providing them the experience. The candidate has to earn his right to work in the company. Believing the opposite is true would be a fantasy, unless of course if the company in question is owned by the candidate's family. That's an entirely different story.

A graduate faces several hurdles before s/he can get a job. S/he has to know how to write a good cover letter and resume that stands out from the other job applicants. Next, s/he has to impress the interviewer more than the other interviewees and several things are at play here (professional etiquette or manners, communication skills, maturity of thinking, dressing). Once the candidate gets the offer letter, there's another hurdle that will determine how far s/he can go, i.e. can this person work or perform? Many of these things are not taught in school.

Don't get me wrong. School does a good job in supplying the knowledge but I'll let you in on an open secret. Everyone goes through the same system and learns the same knowledge! In other words, it is pretty safe to assume that all the interviewees are well learned and knowledgeable, in the same areas. But besides this, what else is there? The big question to ask is, "If they are all the same, whom should I hire?"

Graduates must be able to answer the following question: I'm the right person for the job because..." And the answer had better be original and different from the others. Otherwise, we would be back to square one. "Why should the company hire you?"

Lighthouse Education and Training, a Miri based company is organizing a 1 day intensive workshop named "Career PowerSkills Workshop" to address this need. Participants will learn how to 'brand' themselves and stand out from the rest and how to continue to build this personal 'brand' to advance in their career. Besides this, participants will also learn how to write powerful and original cover letters and resumes that highlight what employers are looking for today. In addition, participants will learn what are the 30 most common interview questions and how to handle an interview professionally. Last but not least, participants will learn how to dress for career success. The workshop (in English) will be conducted on 29 November 2009 from 9.00am to 5.00pm at the Lighthouse Training Centre in Miri. Fees is RM200 per person only inclusive of learning materials and meals. Please call 014-6992900 or email for more information.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Max tax rate of 15% for working in Iskandar Malaysia

This is good news!

For those who apply and start work in Iskandar Malaysia before 2015, the Government has proposed the maximum tax rate of 15% compared with 26% for the rest of the country.

To be eligible for this tax treatment, they must be engaged in sectors such as green technology, biotechnology, education services, healthcare, creative industry, financial advisory and consultancy services as well as logistic services and tourism.

The innovative and radical tax incentive is seen as a boost to Iskandar Malaysia.



Opportunities in Nigeria O&G Industry

(A)Company: SINOPEC which is one of the expanding Chinese state oil companies in Africa.

(B)Special Requirements: Looking for experienced English educated engineers who can speak Mandarin in the following disciplines:

1. Scheduling and cost control engineer
2. Process engineer
3. Piping/mechanical engineer
4. Civil and structural engineer
5. Electrical/Cathodic protection engineer
6. Instrumentation/telecom engineer
7. Safety engineer
8. QA/QC inspector/engineer
9. Welding/NDT inspector / Fabrication inspector
10.Interface manager
11.Production supervisor.

C) Terms and conditions:

These positions are on expatriate terms including:

o Paid either on day rate or month rate
o 12 weeks on site/ 2 weeks at home
o Air tickets / accommodation are provided by the company.

E) Send to:

Write preferably by next week (end of October) so that he can forward them accordingly.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free SPM Workshop 25 Oct 2009

Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Campus is going to organize SPM Workshop for SPM students in Miri. The SPM Workshop 2009 will be held on the 25th October 2009.

The theme of the workshop is “SPM: Lights, Camera, Action!”.

The advantages of attending this workshop are to give students a spirited boost to face SPM, techniques to overcome exam anxiety and fear and thus giving their best for the school, family and personal pride.

The workshop will be facilitated by one of our experienced and award winning lecturer –Mr. Terence Tan from School of Engineering. A graduate from Imperial College London (Top 3 University in UK), he is an inspiring lecturer in class and has presented in education-related conferences. He has motivated students to achieve excellence in class and lead student projects to win prizes in state and national level competitions.

The SPM workshop schedule is as follow:

Date: 25 Oct 09 - Sunday
Time: 2-4 pm
Venue: Miri Pustaka Auditorium

No Fee, it is free for students!

All the current Form 5 students are welcome to join this workshop. For further details, please contact Ms Felecia Ngalih
019-8856076 or
085-443929 or

Mei Yin

Liew Mei Yin | Marketing Manager | Marketing Department | Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak, Malaysia |

CDT 250, 98009 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scholarship and on-line degree

Interested in a scholarship for Environment studies? Click here for more information:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jobs in Permandu, Prime Minister Dept

I received this information from my contact:

Positions include senior managers, managers, superintendents

How to contact: PEMANDU聯繫方式
電話:03 88881498
地址:PEMANDU Recruitment Desk, Level 3, Blok Timur, Bangunan Perdana Putra, Federal Government Administrative Center, 62510 Putrajaya.

Please submit your complete resume, expected salary, certificates before 21 Sep 2009,

This dept will be specially on the KPI and progress monitoring of gov't administrative, whereby I strongly see that more East Malaysians should get involve to balance out the misunderstanding and long haul of prejudice and ignorance against Sarawakians.

This is an opportunity to work under our very Prime Minister Dept in KL, under the newly appointed Sarawakian Minister Datuk Idris Jalah,

There are 9 different areas of requirements:

1. Crime
2. Corruption
3. Education
4. Low Income family
5. Agricultural Infrastructural Facilities
6. Public Transportation
7. Cabinet relevant fields
8. Executive Message
9. Planning Management

2009-09-16 19:59










電話:03 88881498
地址:PEMANDU Recruitment Desk, Level 3, Blok Timur, Bangunan Perdana Putra, Federal Government Adminstrative Centre, 62510 Putrajaya.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Train-and-place programme

MIRI: This city is the first in the state to conduct the Ministry of Human Resource’s train-and-place programme, which aims to reduce unemployment among the country’s youths.

NetOne Resources Sdn Bhd has been selected by the Institute of Global Management (IGM) to run one of the courses, ‘Skills Certificate in Sales Marketing’.

“It’s a three-month course trainees have to attend full time in order to receive a RM500 allowance from the government.

“Until now we have received more than 20 applications. It is open to unemployed persons aged 18 to 45.

“We may start with two classes,” said NetOne Resources director David Siaw told The Borneo Post during a press conference yesterday.

Principal consultant Joseph Tan was also present.

David said: “This is good news for our young people who are still looking for jobs. Through this government programme, those who attend courses gain the job skill, and the government will find a suitable job for them at the end of their courses.”

The teaching module for the Skill Certificate in Sales and Management includes topics like Effective Presentation Skills, Professional Selling Skills, Personal Attribute for Success, Digital Selling At Work, Marketing At Work, Power of Customer Service, English Language Communication and Corporate Survival Skills.

Applicants need to register with the company by filling in a registration form.

They should bring along a resume (CV), two passport-sized photos, a photocopy of IC and provide an email address and phone contact.

Successful applicants are required to open CIMB bank accounts for the government to bank in their monthly allowance.

Applicants are required to register online with Jobsmalaysia.

According to the ministry, jobs are guaranteed for those who successfully complete this train-and-place programme.

For more information, contact NetOne Resources Sdn Bhd at 085-419218.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jobs in Brunei

I got the following from my friend today:

Dear all friends & associated,
Our client is looking for several positions for their project which to be operated at Brunei soon.

The positions required are as below:
“ The CV requirements would contain Terms & Conditions of employment (direct to the JV), certificates of qualifications including internationally accredited certificates of course completion, HSE capabilities, letter of commitment for at least 120 days to the post that terms and conditions will not vary should they be successful, and detailed discussion of their experience on the post as described in the personnel qualifications listed hereunder.
1. Contract Service Manager - 1 pax.
    He will be the Contractor's representative to the Client (Topside Maintenance Services).
    He must be well-versed in emergency response, incident investigation procedures, very familiar with Oil & Gas onshore and offshore facilities.
    Minimum : possess a recognized Engineering degree with minimum 10 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.
    Must have proven record in HSE and Personnel Management and Project/Construction or Maintenancde Execution Management.
2. HSE Manager - 1 pax
    He will be the Contractor focal point for all HSE related activities.
    He will be responsible to drive the implementation of Client's and Contractor's HSE plans up to the next level.
    He will perform frequent inspection trips to offshore as part of leadership commitments.
    Lead incident investigation and implement actions until close out.
    Responsible to drive safety campaigns and upgrade HSE skill of personnel.
    Minimum 10 years experience in an oil & gas industry.
    Must possess a Safety Health Officer (SHO) certificate.
3. Field Superintendents - 6 pax
    Must possess a technical certificate or diploma in engineering with minimum 8 years in offshore construction and maintenance work of which 5 years must be as Superintendent or Supervisor over multi-disciplinary works.
    Must possess Basic Part 1 & Part 2 Scaffolding Course Certificates and Scaffolding Inspection Course Certificates.
4. Project Leader - 4 pax
    Responsible to produce overall planning for design review, workscoping offshore, detailed workpack preparation, close-out reports, compilation and storage of database and monitor the same.
    Responsible for the preparation of project execution plans based on critical path programmes and project progress monitoring.
    Must know Primavera Project Planning tool.
    Must have exposure in QA/QC activities.
    Must possess a recognized Engineering Degree
    With at least 8 years relevant experience in an oil and gas industry construction works.
5. Work Preparation and Scheduling (WPS) Engineer - 2 pax
    Onshore-Based, prepare and develop the mechanical, piping and structural job cards consisting of scheduling and resources.
    He will be responsible to counter check the MTO, Field Fit Welds of Consultant's drawings.
    Must possess a recognized engineering degree with at least 5 years experience in an engineering discipline in the offshore oil & gas related industry.
    It is essential that he has an in-depth experience in planning methods and proficiency in micro-computing systems on project management and scheduling applications as well as knowledge with engineering design specifications and codes or practices.
    Proficiency in Primavera Project Planning tool.
6. Fabrication Superintendent or Supervisor - 1 pax
    Must possess a recognized diploma or equivalent professional qualifications preferably in mechanical engineering discipline.
    Minimum of 8 years working experience for oil & gas fabrication related works.
    Must be a computer literate and has a strong knowledge on materials inventory/control system.
    He must have a strong knowledge of material take-off and should be able to perform materials take off from piping, structural and E&I drawings.
7. Discipline Team Leader (Structural & Mechanical Team Leader) - 2 pax
    He shall be able to read engineering drawings, P & ID drawings and specifications.
    Must have 8 years experience in the offshore construction industry in structural and piping fabrication encompassing all codes of welding and pipe fitting.
    Minimum qualifications to comprise an approved trade apprenticeship and CGLI (City & Guilds) Advanced Craft Certificate in Welding/Fitting.
8. Mechnical Commissioning Engineer - 1 pax
    Must be a B.SC in Mechanical Engineering and shall have at least 6 years in actual commissioning work for mechanical piping system and rotating system in an oil & gas related work.
    Must be familiar with recognised standards/specifications : PAI, IP, STM, ANSI, DEP, SES/PTS.
9. E&I Commissioning Engineer - 1 pax
    Must be a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and shall have at least 6 years experience in Electrical/Instrumentation Commissioning, E&I Hook-Up/Installation and maintenance work in an oil & gas related work.
    Must be familiar with recognised standards : API, IP, ASTM, BASEEFA, DEP, SES/PTS.
10. MPI/DPI Inspector - 1 pax
     Must be a qualified SPM/MCE qualification.
     Must be in-depth experience in MPI/DPI inspection techniques and possess ASNT Level III qualification.
     Knowledge in welding techniques and radiographic interpretation.
     Have good knowledge in metallurgy and corrosion.
     Must have at least 5 years industrial experience in inspection.
Looking forward for the CVs to be with us this week” Unquote
If any of friends or network interested, kindly send their resume to our email / fax to below address.
Carol Bunyau
Lot 5570, 2nd Floor, Jln Desa Pujut
Desa Pujut Shophouse
Bandar Baru Permyjaya , 98100 Miri,
TEL/FAX : +6085 622706
HP :   +6019-4380668 / +6013-8511536 / +6014-6871536
Email : or

Monday, August 10, 2009


DATE : 15 AUGUST 2009

TIME : 2 TO 4 PM



1400 Welcome and Introduction by Jennie Soh

1410 What is Media Writing? By Mary Francis

· The Newsroom

· Basic Tips on Media Writing

· How to use Tag Head Lines to attract the readers

1430 More on The WH questions –1 Husband, 5 Wives Theory –By Robin Sim

· Which are more important? Would the reader find this information ,relevant, valuable, interesting?

· Grammar rules: Headlines (simple present tense)

· Use Passive and Reported Speech

· The basic rule – not more than 10 words in a sentence, 5 sentences in a paragraph

· Transition Techniques – Joining sentences, paragraphs

· Verbs – saying verbs, phrasal verbs

1445 Participants given handouts/materials – Topics will be given

· Start writing

1540 Debriefing of students’ writing – Mary Francis

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Training on glass based technology

SIRIM BHD is organising a series of Training on glass based technology. There are 8 Courses which run from 1 to 5 months each, commencing Oct 09. Closing date for registration: 10 Aug 2009. Course is paid by the govt. Transport & accomodation provided. Allowances provided.
Sarawakians with SPM, or equivalent, & with intention to venture into glass industry qualify.
Pls call En Mohd Abd Kadir Johari/ En Shahrizan Mohd Sahmoni, SIRIM Bhd Swak, Kuching tel: 082-439048/439052; Fax: 082-439060 , if you or anyone you know are interested.

This info is provided by YB Hj Fadillah Bin Hj Yusof [office contact:082-444390]. TQ YB Fadillah.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PSD Scholarship

Biasiswa Persekutuan Tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bagi Mengikuti Pengajian Peringkat Diploma di Politeknik Bagi Kemasukan Sesi 2009/2010

The PSD has now invites application for the scholarship to pursue studies at local polytechnic for admission in session 2009/2010

Permohonan Biasiswa Persekutuan Tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bagi Mengikuti Pengajian Peringkat Diploma di Politeknik Bagi Kemasukan Sesi 2009/2010.

Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada pelajar-pelajar yang mendaftar untuk mengikuti pengajian peringkat Diploma di Politeknik bagi kemasukan Sesi 2009/2010 untuk mendapat biasiswa tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam.

For details, please visit

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tips for Medical STudies

This is just a bit of collection and compilation from some students/ friends/ research on those aspiring young one who would like to study medical fields:

Best to get ready for next year 2010, be prepared now for USM medical or JPA scholarships:

(1) Why do you choose e.g Monash medical school/ USM Medical school/ or other medical schools?

(2) If you are not chosen by this university, what is your plan?

(3) Tell me, the procedure of a doctor when treating a patient.

(4) If UNIMAS, Kuching is near your home town, why you do not apply?

(5) If you are on a flight, that you must not miss, but seeing a man who is bleeding profusely, what would you do?

(6) Why do you want to become a doctor?

(7) What will you be if you are acceptable to a medical school?

(8) What make you so special?

(9) What are your 2 best points/ character traits?

(10) What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing medical school or learning how to be a doctor?

(11) What are your 2 weak points? or your greatest challenge in your life so far? How do you overcome them?

(12) In your view, what is the most pressing problem in the medical arena today?

(13) How will you pay for your medical fee?

(14) If you could do anything in your education, what would you do?

(15) Tell me about yourself/ family

(16) What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

(17) What do you think the most important qualities in being a good doctor?

(18) Are you a leader or a follower? Why?

(19) What exposure have you had so far in the medical field?

(20) Discuss your clinical experience

(21) Discuss your volunteer work, what sort of contribution have you made?

(22) What do you think you like the most in the medical field?

(23) Express your opinion on the topics like abortion, cloning, euthanasia, drug abuse

(24) What/ how do you think the general hospital in your home town to be improved?

(25) Would you perform an abortion as doctor? Under what condition?

(26) What are the 3 things that you want to change yourself?

(27) How would you like to describe the relationship between science and medicine?

(28) Which family member has influenced your life so far? Why and how?

(29) What is the hardest decision you have ever made in your life? Describe

(30) Tell me about the health care system in your country.

Matriculation is opened for application now‏

If you like to apply for matriculation:


Closing Date: 10 October 2009

Please apply now and find out from this website, your schools, seniors and teachers. This application is for next year, 2010 intake.
Let's give our hearts and passion, to assist and to encourage, in order to produce more professionals in our community - Miri and rural areas, we need more doctors - cardiologists and oncologists, architects, dentists, engineers, accountants etc. We need more medical specialists in Northern Sarawak.

Note: Data is from Kho Yok Chong

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Posting from:
1. wilson chiam (
My friend is looking for electrical engineer to work in Bakun Hydroelectric damn. If you have any, kindly contact me.

2. jean Chin (
A. PA to Director - Based in Brunei (IT literate)
B. Account clerk - Based in Brunei (Full set account)
C. Salesman for food and beverages - Miri (Has sales experience preferably in food and beverage, if not most importantly like to meet people or willing to learn)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scholarships and MACEE

Scholarship From Top Glove
Scholarship opportunities from Top Glove, the world's largest rubber glove manufacturer.

MACEE: Malaysian - American Commission of Educational Exchange
Those who are going to the USA, this site will be very useful to you:
  1. Pre-Departure Orientation by June 26, 2009
  2. US Education Fair
  3. Scholarship, etc

Endeavour Awards, Australia

Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

The Endeavour Awards is the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Awards are also available for Australians to do the same abroad.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is your Child Gifted?

Is your child gifted? Parents should encourage their children to take a test by clicking on the link below:

If the child scored above 80 per cent, then it's confirmed he or she is gifted. The children could take the Ujian Permata Pintar UKM 1 preliminary test online before heading to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Bangi for the UKM 2 and UKM 3 tests. The test is similar to the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) in the United States.

Children identified as "gifted" would be selected for a summer camp held for the first time at UKM in December. It is hoped that a group of 300 children may attend the camp, which will be organised with Johns Hopkins University Centre for Talented Youth.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Graduate Employability Management Scheme

The government has recently launched A Graduate Employability Management Scheme ( my/) aims at reducing the current rate of unemployment among fresh graduates.

An initiative that has evolved from the Graduate Employability Enhancement Programme (Green) that was started in 2006 by Khazanah Nasional, it will now be undertaken by some 38 government-linked companies that fall under the Putrajaya Committee for GLC High Performance (PCG).

With the support of the Finance Ministry as a project under its stimulus package, Gems will see 5,000 graduates undergoing a two-and-a-half month training programme before being placed in a GLC for six months with a view towards full employment.

The government had promised to create 163,000 training or job opportunities under its RM60 billion second stimulus plan that was announced on Tuesday.

The GREEN progamme had managed a 97% rate of full time employment out of 690 who had gone through the programme with another 504 still undergoing training.

Gems is open to those under the age of 27 and who have obtained a CGPA of over 2.5 or an equivalent score in an undergraduate programme.

Friday, June 5, 2009

30 Top and best Companies to work in Malaysia

Source: Unknown but passed to me by Kho Yok Chong

This is a compilation of 30 top and best companies to work in Malaysia
. I am not sure who actually conducted this survey but for the sake of reading, enjoying some background knowledge and advancement of your career and build a better life for your family and community.

1. DiGi
Industry: Communications
Address: Lot 10, Jalan Delima 1/1, Subang Hi-Tech Ind Park,40000, Shah Alam. Tel: 03-5721 1800
Under the Telenor ASA, DiGi Operates widely with its widest coverage to serve Malaysian population with its excellent services and futuristic plans. DiGi is currently the fastest growing telecommunications provider in the country and is very feared by its larger rivals, Maxis and Celcom.

2. Shell
Industry: Oil & Gas
Address: Human Resources Dept, Bangunan Shell Malaysia Damansara Heights, Changkat Semantan, 50490 Kuala LumpurTel: 03-2095 9144

An excellent company to work for, Shell provides you with a platform for trainings and knowledge, while at the same time providing you with opportunity for growth while climbing the technical and corporate ladder.

3. Intel
Industry: Manufacturing

Intel is the world’s largest chip maker, also a leading manufacturing of computer, networking and communications products. Intel currently has the largest plant of all manufacturing companies in Penang & Kulim industrial area.

4. DHL
Industry: Logistics & Freight Forwarding
Add: Human Resources Department, DHL Express (M) Sdn BhdLevels 26, 27 & 28 Menara TM, Off Jln Pantai Baharu 50672 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Phone: 1 800 88 8388

DHL’s international network links more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Around 285,000 employees are dedicated to providing fast and reliable services that exceed customers’ expectations in 120,000 destinations in all continents.

5. Petronas
Industry: Oil & GasAdd: HR Planning & Recruitment PETRONAS, Level 63, Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PETRONAS is an integrated international oil and gas company with business interests in 31 countries. As at end of October 2005, the PETRONAS Group comprised 101wholly-owned subsidiaries, 19 partly-owned outfits and 57 associated companies.

6. McKinsey & Co
Industry: Consulting
Add: McKinsey & Company, Level 57, Tower 2, Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur City Center, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 60 (3) 2382 5500

As one of the world’s biggest consulting firms with offices all across the globe, McKinsey helps many of the world’s leading organizations think about and improve their strategies, organizations and operations.

7. Maxis
Industry: Communications
Add: Staffing & HR Planning, Maxis Communications Berhad, Aras 17, Menara Maxis, Off Jln Ampang, 50088 KL. Tel: 03-7492 2123

As one of the largest communications giants in this country, Maxis will be a preferred platform for aspiring executives to be part of in the quest to reach their career heights. There are so many opportunities available as Maxis is expected to continue growing in terms of size and profits.

Industry: System/Hardware
Add: IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 15th Floor, Plaza IBM, Jln Tun Mohd FuadTaman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur. Tel (Gen): 03-7727 7788

To date, IBM has played a major role in delivering solutions to the customers to help solve business problems. IBM’s key strengths are in people, skills and experience in IT and complex projects, and worldwide infrastructure of international offices and laboratories from which they can quickly assemble the best expertise required by the customers in Malaysia and worldwide.

9. Motorola
Industry: ManufacturingAdd: Human Resources Department, Motorola Technology Sdn BhdBayan Lepas Technoplex Industrial Park, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.Tel: 04-6432511 (General)

First established in Malaysia in Penang (1974), Motorola today is a total solutions provider for wireless telecommunications and energy products. It is the first Motorola Asia-Pacific Regional Integrated Manufacturing, R&D and Distribution Center. Capabilities include design & development of two-way radio products, world-class manufacturing and distribution to global customers.

10. ExxonMobil
Industry: Oil & Gas
Add: Human Resources Department, Esso Production Malaysia Inc.Level 17, Menara ExxonMobil, Kuala Lumpur City Centre50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Fax: 603-3803494

A merge between Esso and Mobil produced ExxonMobil which is now the biggest oil and gas company globally, covering upstream, downstream, technology and chemical activities.

11. Hewlett Packard
Industry: Hardware/multimedia
Add: Human Resource Department, HP Towers, Hewlett Packard (M) Sdn Bhd., 12 Jalan Genggang, Bukit Damansara, 50409 Kuala Lumpur.

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company’s offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing for consumers, enterprises and small and medium businesses.

12. Ernst & Young
Industry: Financial & tax servicesAdd: 4th Floor, Kompleks Antarabangsa, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur. Tel (6)03.2144 2333 Fax (6)03.2141 0676

In Malaysia, Ernst & Young is one of the largest professional services firms with more than 2,400 employees in 17 offices in West and East Malaysia. It was established in early 1900s and was one of the first internationally linked public accounting firms in the country.

13. Citibank
Industry: Banking
Add: Human Resources Department, Menara Citibank165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03- 2380 0000

Citibank is part of Citigroup, the world’s largest banking entity, with operation in more than 100 countries and having more than 200 million customers worldwide. Citibank also offers one of the most comprehensive trainings to their sales force.

14. Dell Asia Pacific
Industry: PC/Hardware

Dell is one-stop PC and notebook supplier with state of the art assembly operation in Penang, supported by a world-class standard of customer service operation. At the heart of Dell’s Asia Pacific operations is the Asia Pacific Customer Center (APCC) in Penang, Malaysia. The 238,000-square-foot manufacturing facility opened in October 1995 and in February 2001, Dell’s second Asia Pacific Customer Centre (APCC2) of 370,000-square-feet began operations. Desktops, workstations, notebooks, servers and storage products are manufactured to order for customers throughout Asia Pacific.

15. Accenture
Industry: Consultancy
Add: Level 66 Tower 2 Petronas Twin Towers, Jalan Ampang50088 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03 2731 4000 Fax: 03 205 72537

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with operation in 110 offices worldwide. Accenture collaborate with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. Accenture mobilizes excellent qualified people having the right skills and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

16. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Industry: Financial & Tax services
Address: PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia, 11th Floor Wisma Sime Darby, Jalan Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIATelephone +60 (3) 26931077 Fax: +60(3) 26930997 Email:

PWC provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to build public trust and enhance value for its clients and their stakeholders. Their Malaysia operation is supported by a strong 1700 workforce in 9 locations.

17. Toyota
Industry: Automotive
Add: Manager, Human Resources, UMW Toyota MalaysiaNo. 2, Persiaran Raja Muda, Seksyen 15, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s leading automakers, offering full range of models. As of March 2004, Toyota employs 264,000 people worldwide, and market vehicles in more than 140 countries. Their diversified operations include telecommunications, prefabricated housing and leisure boats.

18. Nokia
Industry: Mobile communications
Add: Nokia Networks Malaysia, Suite T01 3rd Floor Block 2320 Century Square, Jalan Usahawan, 63000 CYBERJAYA.Tel: +60 3 8313 6888 Fax: +60 3 8318 9188

A leading player in mobile communications in the Asia Pacific, Nokia first started operations in the region in the early 1980s. It has since established a leading brand presence in many local markets, and business has expanded considerably in all areas to support customer needs and the growth of the telecommunications industry in the region.

19. Bank Negara Malaysia
Industry: Banking
Add: Recruitment & Scholarship Section , Human Resource Management Department , 11C, Bank Negara Malaysia , Jalan Dato’ Onn 50480 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03 2692 5373, 03 2690 7246, 03 2690 7242 Fax: 03 2698 7929 E-mail:

Bank Negara Malaysia is the central bank for Malaysia, established on 26 January 1959. The functions of the Bank are carried out within the context of the broader goals of promoting economic growth, a high level of employment, maintaining price stability and a reasonable balance in the country’s international payments position, eradicating poverty and restructuring society.

20. Western Digital
Industry: Manufacturing
Add: The Human Resource Department Western Digital (Malaysia) Sdn BhdLot 3, Jalan SS8/6, Sungei Way Free Industrial Zone47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-7870 5123

Winner of Best Employers in Asia awards, Western Digital is really an excellent organization to be in. You’ll get a chance to get a closer look on the manufacturing operation of enterprise drives, desktop, external and mobile drives.

21. Air Asia
Industry: Aviation

Air Asia has a record history of being a debt-ridden company turned into a multibillion organization within a span of merely 3 years. Headed by one of Malaysia’s most successful businesspersons, Datuk Tony Fernandez, there’s a limitless chance for your career to reach this sky, as of their planes, once you’re part of this ever growing company.

22. LogicaCMG
Industry: IT outsourcing
Add: 601, Level 6, Uptown 1, No. 1, Jalan SS21/58Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling JayaSelangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: +603 7725 6890 Fax: +603 7726 6346

Currently the biggest IT outsourcing provider in Europe, LogicaCMG is continuing to make impact in Asia Pacific. It provides management and IT consultancy, systems integration and outsourcing services to clients across diverse markets including telecoms, financial services, energy and utilities, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector. Formed in December 2002, through the merger of Logica and CMG, the company employs around 20,000 staff in offices across 34 countries and has nearly 40 years of experience in IT services.

23. KPMG International
Industry: Financial Services
Add: KPMG/Desa Megat & Co., Wisma KPMG, Jalan DungunDamansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMailing Address:P.O. Box 1004750702 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 011-60-3-2095-3388 Fax: 011-60-3-2095-0971

KPMG International is the global network of professional services firms providing audit, tax, and advisory services with industry focus. Its aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of its clients, people, and the capital markets. With nearly 94,000 people worldwide, KPMG member firms provide audit, tax, and advisory services from 717 cities in 148 countries.

24. Oracle Corporation
Industry: Software/system
Malaysia office: Oracle Corporation Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Level 38 Menara Citibank, 165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 60-3-2161 8822 Fax: 60-3-2164 3755

For nearly three decades, Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company, has provided the software and services that let organizations get the most up-to-date and accurate information from their business systems.

25. Federal Express (FedEx)
Industry: Logistic & freight forwarding
Selangor service centre in Malaysia: Federal Express Services (M) Sdn Bhd
17 Jalan TSB 8, Taman Industri Sungai Buloh47000 Kota Damansara, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Federal Express, part of transportation powerhouse FedEx Corporation, connects areas that generate 90 per cent of the world’s gross domestic product in 24 to 48 hours with door-to-door, customs-cleared service and a money-back guarantee. The company’s unmatched air route authorities and infrastructure make it the world’s largest express transportation company, providing fast, reliable and time-definite transportation of more than 3.2 million items in 220 countries each working day. FedEx has more than 138,000 employees, 50,000 drop-off locations, 671 aircraft and 41,000 vehicles in its integrated global network.

26. Deloitte Malaysia
Industry: Financial & tax services
Add: Head Office, Level 19, SS21/58, Damansara Uptown, 47400 Petaling Jaya, P O Box 10093, 50704 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60(3) 7723 6500, +60(3) 7726 1833
Fax: +60(3) 7726 3986, +60(3) 7726 8986

Deloitte Malaysia is among the nation’s leading professional services firms, providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services through nearly 1,100 people in 8 offices throughout the nation. Having built a strong presence with a portfolio of clients spanning a variety of industries, Deloitte Malaysia has a proven record in providing services to some of the world’s largest multi-nationals as well as local enterprises, financial institutions, government bodies, public and newly privatised organisations.

27. Ericsson
Industry: Mobile communications
Malaysia address: Ericsson (M) Sdn Bhd3420 Persiaran Sepang63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-8314 6000 Fax: 03-8314 6009

Ericsson is the leading telecom supplier in the world. In the Asia Pacific region, Ericsson has over 30 percent market share in mobile communications infrastructure. Ericsson’s net sales in the region for Q3 2005 accounts for 22% of Ericsson’s global sales.Ericsson has a strong presence in Asia Pacific, with 16 operating entities grouped into five market units: Australia & New Zealand, China, India & Sri Lanka, North East Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan), and South East Asia (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei).

28. Samsung
Industry: Electronics
Malaysia contact: Suite 3B-9-3A, Level 9, Block 3BPlaza Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: 03-2263 6600 Fax: 03-2263 6666

In this region, Malaysia plays a key role in SAMSUNG’s strategy as both a manufacturing export base as well as a market for high-value technology products. They currently employ a total of 2200 employees in Malaysia. SAMSUNG Electronics offices in Malaysia consist of 1 subsidiary office and 2 manufacturing facilities. In recent years, SAMSUNG has evolved as a major consumer technology brand. We consistently clinch top 3 positions across South-East Asia for televisions, monitors/LCD monitors, side-by-side refrigerators, washing machines and DVD players.

29. Sony Malaysia
Industry: Manufacturing/electronic
Malaysia contact: The Human Resources DepartmentSony (M) Sdn Bhd, No.7, Tanjung Bandar UtamaBandar Utama, Petaling Jaya 47800, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Email:

Sony has helped developed discerning Malaysians who have come to expect quality, integrity and reliability in audio/visual equipment. Sony’s cutting-edge technology brings sights and sounds, expectations and experiences into the home as well as the office.

30. Berjaya Corporation
Industry: Various
Add: BERJAYA LAND BERHAD Group Human Resource & Administration Division11th Floor Menara Berjaya, K L Plaza179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

Newcastle University UK, is establishing an international branch campus in Johor, Malaysia for the provision of its undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees in Medicine.

The five-year MBBS programme is identical to that of Newcastle’s UK-based provision, and leads to the award of the same degrees. By choosing to study medicine at NUMed Malaysia, students will obtain a reputable UK medical qualification, from an internationally recognized university, at approximately half the cost of studying in the UK.

The annual fee is fixed at RM90,000 for the period of their course but may be increased in line with inflation on an annual basis.

The above is an extract from their website. Please refer to their website for the latest information.

For September 2009 intake, the application is now closed.

According to newspaper report:

Forty students will be enrolled in the first two batches but the number will be increased to 100 in 2011.

That number will gradually rise to 120 students in 2012, then an annual enrolment of 180 from 2013 onwards.

NUMed will eventually employ 130 academic staff, 90 per cent of whom will be Malaysian.

Commentary from me:

In UK, the annual medical course fee for the first two years is about 13K pounds and 24K pounds for the last three clinical years. The fee increases every year by about 3% or depending on inflation rate.

The course fee varies from uni to uni. London and Scotland being the most expensive.

Twining with IMU and Dundee Uni requires only two years of clinical in UK.

Job Links

Panasonic Malaysia
They also provide opportunity for student to apply for internship.

I suppose everyone knows Jobstreet. They were very aggressive in their marketing a couple of years ago. Anyway, do check out for job opportunity there.

I just came to know about this job portal,

Monday, June 1, 2009

More Scholarships

(1) SOP (Sarawak Oil Palm)
It is a scholarship to be awarded to students or/and employees of the Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad or employees’ children. The Scholarship will be awarded to student(s) who have successfully selected by the Scholarship Committee. The selection of the suitable student(s) shall be at the absolute discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
The value of each award will range from RM6,500 – RM7,500.00 per annum depending on the selected course of study under the SOPB Scholarship. The scholarship awarded shall includes course fee and living allowances. The value of award will be determined by the Scholarship Committee after the interview and base on the financial standing of the student. Consideration for scholarship award and the amount award are based on the predetermined scholarship criteria and the overall scholarship fund.

How to apply

Advertisement for the scholarship will be placed out in the major newspapers and notices will be put up at UPM and UITM Faculty of Agriculture / Faculty of Applied Science yearly. The closing date should be one month from the date of the first advertisement on the said newspaper.
The SOPB Scholarship Committees will shortlist the potential candidates and arrange for an interview and that the decision of the Scholarship Committees will be final and appeals by any of the Student(s) will not be entertained. An evaluation will be carried out and right candidates will be identified and the amount of scholarship will be determined.

Only Malaysian Citizens are eligible to apply.
  • Applicant who has not received any other sponsors.
  • The Scholarships to be awarded are for needy students only.
  • Applicants should possess good academic qualifications and should be active in school.
  • Courses must be accredited by LAN and undertaken and completed in Malaysia.
  • Applicants must be accepted as a full-time student at UPM, UITM or other local universities reading for a first degree or diploma in Agriculture / Engineering related courses.
Apply for SOP Scholarship

(2) Loreal Scholarships for Female Scientists/ Inventors/


This is to motivate many female talents in our Malaysia as well.

As I know recently, representing UNIMAS, Kuching for a competion in Penang USM, is led by female engineer who won bronze. She is from Miri Chung Hua, Kimberly Kee. So, I believe there will be lots more of our local talents, once we let them there is such an incentive and motivation, I trust that we have more talents to be developed.

(3) Microsoft Sparks

Jobs: KL: Engineering/ Dubai: Draftstman/ Restaurant Jobs Training‏

This message is from Kho Yok Chong (No editing)

1 Jun 09 - Mon
Dear friends:
Jobs: Engineering/ Draftstmen/ Restauratn training:
I have one very kind collegaue, Iswandy, after knowing that many people are looking for jobs, decided to send the info to me to help other young people to look for jobs. Again, whoever apply any overseas jobs, please verify with the embassy and relevant govt's authority for verifications.
He used to work with Kumagai Gumi as draftsman.

(1) In KL: Kumagai Gumi; english/index.html under Mandarin Oriental Project (next to klcc), during 03 - 05.

(2) His words: Meinhardt Facade Technology (MFT)
I'm joining Meinhardt Facade Technology (MFT) on mid 05 to mid 07, as permanent staff (draftsman) but decided to resign as life in Dubai are boring for me. this company are consultant for facade engineering (ie. glazing, aluminium panel and GRC for building exterior). our Region manager at the time is Rob Stephens.
Meinhardt Facade Technology (MFT) default.htm

anything else you need to know, just send me email :)

Thursday May 14, 2009
(3) Job training scheme for restaurant workers or call 03-7954-9270 for enquiries. Registration starts on May 19.

KUALA LUMPUR: Two major restaurant owners associations will organise a training and placement programme to encourage Malaysians to work in Indian and mamak restaurants.

The “Train and Place” programme, organised by the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners’ Association (Primas) and the Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners’ Association (Presma), is targeted at local youths and retrenched workers in a bid to reduce the dependence on foreign workers.

“We are trying to meet the Government’s policy of reducing foreign workers and this is our first step in achieving that goal,” programme director D. Arun told a press conference yesterday.

He said the three-month course would begin in June with 200 applicants targeted.

“The Human Resources Ministry will sponsor the participant’s tuition fee of RM4,500 and if the response is good we will take in more trainees at the next intake,” he added.

He said the training would be held in various institutes in the Klang Valley in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil.

Those who complete the course would be quickly placed in restaurants around the Klang Valley, with the Government paying them RM800 each, Arun added.

Presma president Datuk Jamarulkhan Kadir said it was the right time to launch the programme as the Indian food and beverage industry was in need of more manpower.

“We are working to hire locals instead of foreigners but the problem is that most locals have a negative impression of being a restaurant worker,” said Jamarulkhan.

Primas president Datuk R. Ramalingam Pillai said that there were currently 75,000 foreign workers in the industry, and the ultimate aim was to get locals to replace them.

Primas and Presma are also setting up a Centre for Innovative Restaurant Skills to better train workers by the year end.

Those interested in joining the “Train and Place” programme can download the application form at or call 03-7954-9270 for enquiries. Registration starts on May 19.

Jobs for 3D modelers and animators

Address: 1st Floor, Lot 882 of 875, Waterfront Commercial Centre, Jalan Permaisuri
Miri - 98000
Contact: Cheryl
or Email at or contact 085-420004 for interview appointment

Company description:

Kea Studios is an independent game developer focusing on serious games; an integration of learning and gaming.
We design our games with outstanding graphics, realistic physics, dynamic environment and unique game play that culminate in a fun and educational experience for the user.

We are a fun, hard-working and intelligent group of people with a passion for developing serious games for training and learning.

We are currently looking for 3D modelers and animators (full-time/part-time) that have these following skills and experiences. Your skills can be from design, multimedia, architectural or interior design background. We are keen on having a team member who is passionate, curious, is interested in learning and exploring new ideas, creative, independent and initiative.

If you are interested in working with us and have the relevant skills set, please visit our website, www.keastudios.come and email us your resume and portfolio.


1. - 3D Modeller

The role requires focus on creating 3D models, texturing and level design. Requirements include: - Excellent in creating accurate and detailed models from reference images - Ability to model, UV map, and create textures - Concept Art - Able to generate normal map and polybump Qualifications include: - Proficiency in 3D Studio Max - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator - Must be able to have good drawing skills Experience: Senior roles must be skilled in people-management and have good leadership. ..... (continued)

Location: Miri - Sarawak
Salary: RM$2,200 and above
Date: 29 April 2009
2. - Programmers

The role requires focus on building gameplay and tools. Works cooperatively with artists and animators to prototype, implement, and polish the gameplay and develop user friendly tools. Requirements include: - Developing gameplay related functionality (controls, camera movement, game rules, etc) in C++ and Python or other scripting languages. - Implement game AI functionality using core engine AI features. - Must have good communication skills to work with artists and animators to co-develop tools. ..... (continued)

Location: Miri - Sarawak
Salary: RM$2,200 - RM$6,000 (Depending on skills and experience)
Date: 29 April 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


(1) Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng Scholarships 2009/2010

For those who have obtained admission into the first/ second year of undergraduate study in local public/ private universities for the following disciplines:
(a) Undergraduate (bachelor's degrees)
- Engineering (Electrical/ instrumentation/ Mechanical/ Chemical)
- Agriculture/ Forestry
- Bio-industry
- Sales/ Marketing/ Business Administration
- Finance/ Business Studies
- Hotel Management/ F&B management

(b) Address (if you write in to apply for application forms) or download from the website above:
The Secretariat - Scholarship Awards
Yayasan Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng
c/o: level 10, Two IOI Square, IOI Resort, 62502, Putrajaya.

Closing Date: 30 Jun 09

(2) CIMB Foundation

Please check if any possible fund for even other charitable organizations for our region here.

(3) International Association convention Scholarship Form

Closing date: 30 Jun 09

Sarawak Convention Bureau
Lot 31, Jalan Masjid, kuching 93400
Tel: 082-242516 Fax: 082: 242518 Email info:

For Northern Sarawak, i.e. Miri, Limbang, there will be one award, RM 10,000.

Further detail, please call Dylan Redas Noel, of Sarawak Convention Bureau.

(4) Extract from Borneo Post, 12 Mar 09:
Yayasan Telecom Scholarship:Please refer to website:
The scholarships also open for SPM (8A's and above) students to overseas.

(5) Taiwan Scholarships
Extracted from Sin Chew Chinese Newspaper: 10/3/09
Please refer to website:或電郵(
Closing date: 30 Jun 09
Summary Translation of news:
These scholarships will proivde full fee or half funding for Malaysians, that include from bachelor, master and up to doctorate degrees.
Student population: around 11,000, established 7 years ago, situated at the middle of Taiwan.
Please check with website for further detail and with your school, relevant authority for degree recognitions.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miri Job Seekers

Information from this post is from Mr. Kho Yok-Chong

Dear friends:

Again, this is based on my personal observation, and I drove to the Civic Center this early morning to ensure that is the right venue on job seeking event by Labor Dept.

Organized by Labour Dept:

Website: www:

Date: 16- May -09 Sat

Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue: Dewan Suara, Civic Center Miri

Companies: 16

Prior to this posting, I have asked 6 unemployed graduates and 4 job seekers, only one who is involved in Tze Chi Charity Work, knew about this event.

Please prepare/ bring:

(1) Store your passport size photos/ resumes/ scanned certificates inside your mail network such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail, then bring your personal thumb drive and pc if you do bring over during the application
(2) Bring at least 3-5 sets of Photostatted resume and certificates (depends upon the type of jobs available, which I have no clue as well at this moment)
(3) Bring your confidence, belief and urgency (means you need to respond and act fast with your documents and enquiry, action! Actions! Actions!) to seek the jobs that you are looking for
(4) Bring your own pen and small note book, to record whatever information which may be beneficial for you, like the persons to contact in HR, telephone contact or even their hand phones contacts (if they are willing to give it to you)

Friday, May 8, 2009

PSD Scholarships Results

2,000 Students Offered PSD Scholarships
KUALA LUMPUR, May 7 (Bernama) -- The Public Service Department (PSD) had interviewed 8,363 out of the 15,084 candidates who had applied for scholarships under the foreign degree programme between March 31 and April 3. According to a statement issued by the PSD today, only 2,000 students would be offered scholarships to study abroad for courses of studies already stipulated by the government.The results of the offer would be carried in the PSD portal, beginning tomorrow (Friday).The statement said that in view of the limited places abroad, especially in critical subjects, the PSD also offered 2,000 scholarships to outstanding students to pursue studies in local universities.Unsuccessful candidates can submit their appeal online from May 8 to 18.-- BERNAMA

From University Malaysa: Counselling Service‏

This is another counselling service provided by students by University Malaya:

Yuki Lai
Christopher Ng Wai Siong
或登錄到/ access website:查詢

Please help our students, to assist them to avoid any unpleasant incidents, safety, choice of residential areas, transportation.

Many times, for those young to leave home, there is so much of care, irrespective of who we are, please share some tips or info with our children in this community.

Tips like: Which part of PJ to stay in case no place in the hostel?
Where to get the right bus route?
Where to avoid the dangerous route paths etc?
The above is contributed by Yok Chong Kho.