Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PSD Scholarship

Biasiswa Persekutuan Tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bagi Mengikuti Pengajian Peringkat Diploma di Politeknik Bagi Kemasukan Sesi 2009/2010

The PSD has now invites application for the scholarship to pursue studies at local polytechnic for admission in session 2009/2010

Permohonan Biasiswa Persekutuan Tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Bagi Mengikuti Pengajian Peringkat Diploma di Politeknik Bagi Kemasukan Sesi 2009/2010.

Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada pelajar-pelajar yang mendaftar untuk mengikuti pengajian peringkat Diploma di Politeknik bagi kemasukan Sesi 2009/2010 untuk mendapat biasiswa tajaan Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam.

For details, please visit

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tips for Medical STudies

This is just a bit of collection and compilation from some students/ friends/ research on those aspiring young one who would like to study medical fields:

Best to get ready for next year 2010, be prepared now for USM medical or JPA scholarships:

(1) Why do you choose e.g Monash medical school/ USM Medical school/ or other medical schools?

(2) If you are not chosen by this university, what is your plan?

(3) Tell me, the procedure of a doctor when treating a patient.

(4) If UNIMAS, Kuching is near your home town, why you do not apply?

(5) If you are on a flight, that you must not miss, but seeing a man who is bleeding profusely, what would you do?

(6) Why do you want to become a doctor?

(7) What will you be if you are acceptable to a medical school?

(8) What make you so special?

(9) What are your 2 best points/ character traits?

(10) What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing medical school or learning how to be a doctor?

(11) What are your 2 weak points? or your greatest challenge in your life so far? How do you overcome them?

(12) In your view, what is the most pressing problem in the medical arena today?

(13) How will you pay for your medical fee?

(14) If you could do anything in your education, what would you do?

(15) Tell me about yourself/ family

(16) What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

(17) What do you think the most important qualities in being a good doctor?

(18) Are you a leader or a follower? Why?

(19) What exposure have you had so far in the medical field?

(20) Discuss your clinical experience

(21) Discuss your volunteer work, what sort of contribution have you made?

(22) What do you think you like the most in the medical field?

(23) Express your opinion on the topics like abortion, cloning, euthanasia, drug abuse

(24) What/ how do you think the general hospital in your home town to be improved?

(25) Would you perform an abortion as doctor? Under what condition?

(26) What are the 3 things that you want to change yourself?

(27) How would you like to describe the relationship between science and medicine?

(28) Which family member has influenced your life so far? Why and how?

(29) What is the hardest decision you have ever made in your life? Describe

(30) Tell me about the health care system in your country.

Matriculation is opened for application now‏

If you like to apply for matriculation:


Closing Date: 10 October 2009

Please apply now and find out from this website, your schools, seniors and teachers. This application is for next year, 2010 intake.
Let's give our hearts and passion, to assist and to encourage, in order to produce more professionals in our community - Miri and rural areas, we need more doctors - cardiologists and oncologists, architects, dentists, engineers, accountants etc. We need more medical specialists in Northern Sarawak.

Note: Data is from Kho Yok Chong

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Posting from:
1. wilson chiam (
My friend is looking for electrical engineer to work in Bakun Hydroelectric damn. If you have any, kindly contact me.

2. jean Chin (
A. PA to Director - Based in Brunei (IT literate)
B. Account clerk - Based in Brunei (Full set account)
C. Salesman for food and beverages - Miri (Has sales experience preferably in food and beverage, if not most importantly like to meet people or willing to learn)