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Shell Scholarships 2010

Shell Scholarship is one of the most sought after scholarship. Every year, Shell offer a number of scholarships to support students in achieving their personal goals and ambitions. The scholarship is awarded to Malaysian students for pursuing full-time undergraduate studies (1st degree course) tenable at recognized universities in Malaysia or overseas, and Pre-University studies in Malaysia.

Shell also award 2 scholarships to study Msc in Geosciences with University Technology Petronas Scholarships for Post-Graduate Studies.

Fields of Study

  • Engineering (Petroleum, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical)
  • Sciences (Geosciences, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Business Administration / Economics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT (includes Business / Management IT)
  • Master of Science (MsC) in Geosciences

Students who have completed their SPM / O-Level, STPM / A-Level / Foundation Year / Diploma or currently in their final semester of Matriculation studies or in the private / public University who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for the ShellMalaysia Scholarship Awards:

  • Excellent academic achievement with emphasis in English
  • Demonstration of leadership skills through active participation in extra-curricular activities. e.g. societies and clubs, sports, etc.
  • Strong academic record and realistic expectation of a high CGPA or its equivalent
  • For MSc in Geosciences, candidate must posses a good Honours Degree or equivalent in the relevant field from a recognized university.

Applicants who are Malaysian citizens must possess a credit in Bahasa Melayu at the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) level or an equivalent qualification. Foreign and local students are required to have English proficiency in both written and spoken by the meeting one the following requirements:

  • Minimum TOEFL score of 550 OR
  • Minimum IELTS score of 6.0 OR
  • Minimum ELTS score of Band-6 OR
  • Minimum MUET score of Band-4.

Applicants who are native English speakers or holding a degree with English as the medium of instruction may be exempted from this requirement.

How to Apply
All applications including the application form must be submitted online. Applications may be submitted based on the latest semester results (for Matriculation students) or trial examination results (for SPM, STPM students). ShellMalaysia reserves the right to verify the above. Shell Malaysia aims to reflect diversity of the communities it works in and will award the scholarships on this basis.

  • Interview is compulsory.
  • Only shorlisted candidates will be notified.
  • Incomplete Application Form and late submission will be rejected.

Deadline for pplication is 30 March 2010.

For details visit SHELL Scholarship page.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

American terminology

This entry is from Sam Teo (now residing in America, formerly ex-Tanjong Collage, Miri, a very smart and helpful friend):

Please note the following American terminology:

2.1 College
A 4-year institution of higher learning that grants a bachelor's degree.

2.2 Community, or Junior College
A 2-year institution of higher learning that normally grants an associate degree, and also prepares a student for transition to the 3rd (Junior) year in a 4-year college.

2.3 Graduate ("Grad") School
A program within a university or institution of similar standing that prepares a candidate for advanced degrees, e.g., Master's or Doctorate.

2.4 Professional School (Business, Law)
A program within a university or institution of similar standing that prepares a candidate for a professional degree or diploma, e.g., MBA, JD, LLD.

2.5 School of Medicine, or Dentistry
A program within a university or institution of similar standing that prepares a candidate for a degree in medicine or dentistry. Note: With the exception of a few, medical schools in the USA normally require that candidates possess a bachelor's degree with concentration in subjects that are prescribed in the "pre-medicine" curriculum. Different from the system used in the Commonwealth, a medical degree awarded by a U.S. medical school is "Doctor of Medicine (MD)", and it usually requires four years of study in a medical school. A high school graduate does NOT normally go straight to a "medical school", unless the college has a "6-year medical program", in which case an MD can be earned 6 years after high school, at an accelerated rate.

There are numerous others, and the above is just a general guide.

The following a a kind of road map for those who are thinking of college in the USA.

2.6 Planning ... preparation ... etc

2.7 "U.S College Rankings - 2010"
Google search for US Colleges

2.8 "Best colleges 2010 - U.S. News Reports"

2.9 "Preparing International students for College Life in the USA"

How to become Air pilots‏

When I finished form 5, I wanted to become a pilot but it never materialised probably because I had no idea where to get more information at that time. Today, it is information age and all information can be obtained from the internet. So, thanks again to Mr. Kho who sent me an email on the above subject. So, if you are aspiring to become a pilot, read the two links below:

Malaysian Flying Academy:

REQUIRED READING: DCA's Abridged Guide on How To Become A Pilot

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scholarship application Step by Step

While reading mail from my friend Kho Yok Chong, I came across a site by another Malaysian, Ling, who is sharing everything about scholarship application, etc. He is sharing his personal experience and after reading a few entries, I found his writing to be good. But do not hold him accountable if you fail to get a scholarship!

He gave a good summary on "Scholarship application Step by Step". There are a few entries there. Read them if you want a scholarship!

Step by step guide.

(Before you start your application)

1. Know what you want.

2. Know your strength

3. Know the dateline!!

4. Know the requirements

5. Get your document stamp at the right place

6. Prepare a good CV

7. Posting your application

8. Make sure you send in a clean and tidy application

He summarizes what one need to apply for scholarship

1. Research , Research, Research!!

2. Prepare the documents as stated in the application form

3. Prepare for English test (if any)

4. Prepare the essay and CV

5. Send with trusted courier such as DHL

6. Wait patiently for results

The above is just a summary. Go to his blog to read everything! And if you are grateful for his advices, click on the advertisement on his pages!

Dental technician/dental technologist


Dental technicians are dental care professionals and work as part of the dental team.

The job:

Dental technicians (or dental technologists as they are often referred to) make the dentures, crowns, bridges and dental braces that improve patients appearance, speech and their ability to chew. Working to dentists or doctors prescriptions, technicians/technologists use a wide range of materials, including gold, porcelain and plastic, to design and construct appliances to meet each patients needs.

There are four specialist areas. Prosthodontic technicians design and make dentures. Conservation technicians specialise in crown and bridge work. Orthodontic technicians make braces to correct tooth positions. Maxillo-facial technicians (sometimes also known as maxillofacial prosthetists) work is based in hospital oral surgery, ophthalmic, cancer and burns units, helping to reconstruct the faces of patients damaged by accident or disease.

Acknowledgment: The above is from NHS website of UK.

More information:

To find the college/university offering the course:
(Dental Technology)

(Full time)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Preparation for Ivies, Ivy Standards and Top LACs Application

All credit to:

Some Good Resources on US College Applications

Article in The Star on this workshop. Click here .

Last updated 25th December 2009 with 136 resources .

Some resources for you to start preparation. Do start preparation from now onwards:-

1. General US Applications Guide - for USA For Students

2. Andrew Loh's Why Study in America

3. Gabrielle (Wellesley College)

4. Su Ann (Columbia University) - Part 1

5. Su Ann (Columbia University) - Part 2

6. Charis Loke (Brown University)

7. Charis Loke (Brown University) - On Application Essays

8. Boon Jim (Cornell University)

9. Andrew Loh (Swarthmore College)

10. - SAT Vocabulary

11. - The Worldwide Malaysian Students Network

12. College

13. ADFP Guide (Prepared by former INTEC US-Bound Students)

14. (SAT Test)

15. TOEFL Test

16. Common Applications

17. US News Ranking of US Universities

18. Times Higher Education Supplement Ranking of World Universities

19. Andrew Loh (Swarthmore College) - For the Kiamsiap: How to save money in US college applications

20. Common Data Set (Prepared by Xianjin)

21. How to Make Full Use of University Life

22. Admit Rate of Class of 2013

23. (SAT Words Practice)

24. Inside The Admissions Game (Newsweek take a look at University of Chicago admission Process)

25. Wall Street Journal - Summary of Application Essays by 10 University Presidents

(For 26 to 35, it is sample application essays by University Presidents, and may not necessarily be good application essays.)
26. Barnard College's Debora Spar on daily routines

27. Carleton College's Robert A. Oden Jr. on getting lost -- and found -- in Cairo

28. Grinnell College's Russell K. Osgood on a historical figure that has influenced him

29. Oberlin College's Marvin Krislov on a historical figure that has influenced him

30. Pomona College's David Oxtoby on an experience that was 'just plain fun'

31. Reed College's Colin Diver on an experience in diversity

32. The University of Chicago's Robert J. Zimmer on "Living the Question"

33. University of Pennsylvania's Amy Gutmann on her autobiography

34. Vassar College's Catharine Hill on an influential person in her life

35. Wesleyan University's Michael S. Roth on an influential person in his life

36. Youtube videos (US Applications Workshop at HELP UC) .

37. Admission Stuff .

38. Preparation for US Applications from June 2009 -> January 2010 .

39. USA Study .

40. .

41. SAT Score for Ivy League Universities (25 percentile & 75 percentile) .

42. SAT Score for top Liberal Arts Colleges (25 percentile & 75 percentile) .

43. SAT Score for top US Universities (non-Ivy) (25 percentile & 75 percentile) .

44. SAT Score for top Public Universities (25 percentile & 75 percentile) .

45. US News Guide to Admissions .

46. College Admission .

47. Essay Writing Tips & Strategies .

48. Admission Guide .

49. .

50. 5 Tips to get into Ivy League (CNN) .

51. Ivy League Admission Statement for Athletes .

52. Ivy Gate Blog .

53. The Brown Daily Herald .

54. Columbia Spectator .

55. Cornell Daily Sun .

56. Daily Princetonian .

57. Yale Daily News .

58. The Dartmouth .

59. The Daily Pennsylvanian .

60. The Crimson .

61. MIT Open Courseware .


63. Academic Earth (Video Lectures from Top Unis .

64. iTunesU (Lectures from Top Universities - Do scroll down) .

65. .

66. - Liberal Arts Colleges news .

67. .

68. How to get into Ivy League Admissions .

69. Liberal Arts Education .

70. Alumni Interview .

71. Earnings of those from Elite Universities .

72. Choosing the right colleges .

73. Forbes US Colleges Ranking .

74. College Confidential - Xiggi's SAT Prep Advice .

75. College Confidential - Arachnotron's SAT Prep Advice .

76. College Confidential - Bigb14's SAT Prep Advice .

77. College Confidential - SAT Prep Books Review .

78. College Confidential - Past and Present SAT Practice Tests .

79. College Confidential - Tips from a SAT 2400er .

80. College Confidential - How to improve significantly in SAT .

81. College Confidential - How to attack SAT critical reading effectively .

82. College Confidential - Strange Camus's SAT Grammar Guide .

83. College Confidential - How to ace SAT essay .

84. College Confidential - SAT Math Help Center .

85. College Confidential - SAT 2 Review Books .

86. College Confidential - SAT 2 Chemistry & Physics Help .

87. College Confidential - SAT 2 Literature Guides .

88. College Confidential - SAT 2 Maths Guides .

89. College Confidential - SAT Test Curves .

90. College Confidential - SAT Practice Tests & SAT Official Essay Prompts .

91. College Confidential - Sharing on Conquering SAT .

92. College Confidential - Big Improvement Scores in SAT .

93. College Confidential - List of SAT Vocabs .

94. College Confidential - Past Year SAT Official Essay Prompts .

95. College Confidential - List of Topics on SAT in College Confidential .

96. - College Reviews by College Students .

97. .

98. - SAT Practice .

99. - SAT Practice .

100. - SAT Practice .

101. - SAT Practice .

102. - SAT Practice .

103. - SAT Practice .

104. - SAT Practice .

105. Yahoo Education - SAT Practice .

106. Yahoo Education - SAT Subject Test Practice .

107. - SAT Practice .

108. - SAT Study Guide .

109. - SAT .

110. - US Applications Forum .

111. What Will They Learn - Core Curriculum of Top 100 Unis .

112. .

113. What Should Colleges Teach - New York Times


115. College Admissions Tracker

116. Fusion Academy - 31 Free SAT Writing (Grammar) Lessons

117. Fusion Academy - 31 Free SAT Vocabulary Lessons

118. Fusion Academy - 31 Free SAT Critical Reading Lessons

119. Fusion Academy - 31 Free SAT Maths Lessons

120. Harvard Dean of Admissions - Part 1 Reply

121. Harvard Dean of Admissions - Part 2 Reply

122. Harvard Dean of Admissions - Part 3 Reply

123. Harvard Dean of Admissions - Part 4 Reply

124. Harvard Dean of Admissions - Part 5 Reply

125. Uncle Ezra Replies on Cornell - Since 1986

126. A Word A Day - Lets Improve our Vocabulary

127. SAT Score Analysis (Using Thai Case Studies)

128. 100 Free Ivy League Lectures


130. US College Search

131. Article on Liberal Arts College (NST)

132. Article on Choosing Colleges based on cost

133. (Collections of Lecture Notes from Top Universities

134. Iswari (Cornell University) - Her Journey

135. Iswari (Cornell University) - Application essays

136. Alan Lawrence Sitomer (Essay Preps)

* All these resources are sourced from various people. A lot of them shared based on their personal experience, and we would encourage everyone to evaluate on your own, on whether which advice to take and which advice to ignore. Neither we nor the author of the articles will be held responsible for the advice shared. We do not endorse any of the product/package sold by any website above.

More scholarships

(1) Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2010

By admin - Posted on December 22nd, 2009

Sin Chew Daily, the popular Chinese stream newspaper offering 9 million Ringgit Malaysia full scholarship for Malaysian students in year 2010.

The scholarship aim to give opportunity for those economic disability students to complete their higher education.


* The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen below 26 years of age as at 1st January 2010.
* Student must possess good results in SPM/A-Level?STPM/UEC or other equivalent qualification.
* Students must active in sport and extra-curricular acitivities
* Students must not be bonded or in receipt of any financial aid or rewards from other education organisations or institutions
* Students must meet the minimum requirement set by the colleges/universities in order to be qualify for selection
* Different colleges/universities and courses have different entry requirements. Please refer directly with the colleges/universities concerned for more details.

How to Apply
Download the application form from the bottom link of this article, and printed out clearly or be written legibly and must be accompanied by the required documents and must be submitted before the published closing date. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. The selected course(s) must be clearly written or printed on the top left hand corner of the envelop. The Sin Chew Daily Education Fund’s address is as follow:

Sin Chew Daily Education Fund
Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad (“SCMCB”)
19 Jalan Semangat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

14th day after the announcement of SPM Result. If not, please refer to our Sin Chew Daily for the latest deadline.

For more information, please visit here.


(2) Malaysian Institute of Art: Scholarship & Financial Aid & Awards

Scholarships are available as follow:

10-15 full scholarships are awarded to the top winners of the annual MIA Nationwide Art & Design Scholarship Competition
(Open to Form 4 & Form 5 and SM 2& 3 students)

How to apply:
See your art teacher/counselor or call MIA

6 full and partial scholarships are awarded to winner of MIA Nationwide Music Competition (once in 2 years)

How to apply:
Call Head of Music or see your art teacher/counselor

5 full scholarships are awarded through Dong
Jiao Zhung (Federation of Association Chinese School Board Of Governors And Association Of Chinese School Teachers Malaysia)

How to apply:

Contact Dong Jiao Zhong

2 full scholarships are awarded through
Sin Chew Jit Poh Daily

How to apply:

Contact Sin Chew Jit Poh

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for application by deserving or needy students from 2nd semester onwards.

How to apply:

See Head of Student Affairs.


Graduating students may compete for the following awards:

* The Most Outstanding Students Of The Year Award
* Best Student Of Department Award

Candidates will be nominated by Heads of Departments for final selection by the Award Committee.

How to apply:

See your Head of Department

The Malaysian Institute of Art provides scholarships and financial aid to needy students every year. Applications must be made on the official prescribed forms and submitted to the Scholarship Committee (only semester 2 and above students may apply).

Students receiving scholarships must maintain an above average performance in their coursework, otherwise their scholarships will be cancelled.

Further information may also be obtained from the Student Affairs Office.
Scholarships & Financial Aid Available:

* Financial Aid for currently enrolled MIA students
* United Chinese School Comm. Assoc. of Malaysia Scholarship
* Nationwide Art and Design Competition Scholarship
* President Scholarship
* Lee Kar Yeow Scholarship
* Khoo siong Chi Scholarship

Merit Awards
Enrolling students may be awarded with Merit Awards for Outstanding performance and contribution.

How to apply:
Contact Student Affairs Department or Head of Department

All MIA courses are accredited by MQA, students enrolled in MIA are eligible for the PTPTN loan if terms and conditions are met.

How to apply:

Contact or visit MIA Registry.