Friday, April 23, 2010

Telephone interview questions

This article is contributed by: Mr. Kho Yok Chong

(A) Below are past reference on telephone interview questions. Again, this is a reference only, students, parents are encouraged to read, research and practice, rather than "spot questions". True merit is the real measurement of deserved scholarships successfully and whoever receive it, will then a truly holding high integrity, which later to be tested in life.

A.1 Life Experience activity, that you are very proud of.

A.2 Do you mix with different level (class/ strata) of people?

A.3 How do you handle problem and decision making?

A.4 Any special activities or work that have been done by you and worth to mention?

A.5 Define the excellent graduates 9top graduate/ first class honor graduates), What are the advantages/
disadvantages of employing them?

A.6 What will you expect the life journey of those excellent graduates?

A.7 In school, what did you lead and show of leadership to solve a project? Ways of organizing project?

A.8 What role as a student to play for protecting environment?

A.9 Towards the end of interview, the will normally get your feedback: "What do you like to ask or comment?

Please support and motivate our younger generation, give one more chance to those who are real good and deserved students, let's play our own role, even though many of us may not study any more or even a need of this scholarship. Your willingness to speak and encourage our young, could make a big difference in anyone of them.

The World can be better, because of what you are willing to give

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Securing Your Future - You Make the Choice

Event: Miri Job Expo 2010

Date: 15 - 16 May 2010

Venue: Miri Indoor Stadium

Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Specialization: All types of employment opportunity and tips for Different Exciting careers/ preparation of Resumes / Interview Tips

你 想 找 一 份 好 的 工 作 吗 ?

"2010 年 职 业 展" 即 将 登 场, 你 是 否 作 好 准 备 受 顶 尖 企 业 的 雇 佣 ? 请 准 备 好 你 的 履 历 表 到 职 业 展 当 面 接 洽。

Do you want to Get a great Job?

"Miri Job Expo 2010" is coming!

Come prepared to "WOW" top tier employers. Get a chance to Distribute your resume and come face-to-face with potential employer. Job seekers will enjoy the benefit of finding out your most suitable employment / career.

Grab this golden opportunity, change your life destiny, here is the moment...Come to see the Miri Job Expo this 15-16 May 2010, at Miri Indoor Stadium

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