Monday, August 10, 2009


DATE : 15 AUGUST 2009

TIME : 2 TO 4 PM



1400 Welcome and Introduction by Jennie Soh

1410 What is Media Writing? By Mary Francis

· The Newsroom

· Basic Tips on Media Writing

· How to use Tag Head Lines to attract the readers

1430 More on The WH questions –1 Husband, 5 Wives Theory –By Robin Sim

· Which are more important? Would the reader find this information ,relevant, valuable, interesting?

· Grammar rules: Headlines (simple present tense)

· Use Passive and Reported Speech

· The basic rule – not more than 10 words in a sentence, 5 sentences in a paragraph

· Transition Techniques – Joining sentences, paragraphs

· Verbs – saying verbs, phrasal verbs

1445 Participants given handouts/materials – Topics will be given

· Start writing

1540 Debriefing of students’ writing – Mary Francis

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Training on glass based technology

SIRIM BHD is organising a series of Training on glass based technology. There are 8 Courses which run from 1 to 5 months each, commencing Oct 09. Closing date for registration: 10 Aug 2009. Course is paid by the govt. Transport & accomodation provided. Allowances provided.
Sarawakians with SPM, or equivalent, & with intention to venture into glass industry qualify.
Pls call En Mohd Abd Kadir Johari/ En Shahrizan Mohd Sahmoni, SIRIM Bhd Swak, Kuching tel: 082-439048/439052; Fax: 082-439060 , if you or anyone you know are interested.

This info is provided by YB Hj Fadillah Bin Hj Yusof [office contact:082-444390]. TQ YB Fadillah.