Friday, August 17, 2012

Job in the Government, anyone?

I chatted with a Chinese senior government servant and found out that the number of application from the Chinese community has been almost zero all these years.

I asked how true is that? I was informed by another civil servant that whenever they receive application from Chinese, they throw it straight into the rubbish bin. I tend to support this theory because I also applied to a post in Open University and I don't even get an acknowledgement! So, it must have been deleted or they will give the excuse that it was never received. Whatever... never mind.

Just to give an idea, I was told that in some of the government offices, the employees are 100% bumiputra, ie, Malay or native. This gave the government a lot of headache because there will be no one working during certain festive season.

Ok, that is beside the point in this entry. In fact, I encourage all Chinese/Indian readers or if you have Chinese/Indian friends, do encourage them to apply because civil servants do get good incentives and pay. However, for your application now, make a copy to SUPP or MCA.  I was also told that there are positions reserved for non Bumi.

Further reading:

I foresee only one issue when a non bumi entered the civil service... how long can they survive the current culture? I was told that one resigned after 6 months.