Friday, August 2, 2013

Useful links for MS development

Do you do repetitive task on Microsoft Office applications, eg, Excel, Words, Powerpoint, etc? Or do you need to transfer data between applications repetitively for reporting, etc? If yes to any of the above, perhaps, it is time to learn VBA (Visual Basic for Application). With VBA, you can cut boring office work and use the time more interestingly and usefully.
I was leading a team to develop an Economic Modelling application in an O&G company some 20 years ago. I have VBA experience and know it power. A few days ago, someone told me that he needs to make a Powerpoint page for all his clients for presentation. Since every page contains information with the same format, this can be done easily with VBA.

For more online resource, read the following:
This one for Office code sample:
Getting started with VBA in Powerpoint 2010

Office Development Library/doc

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